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I wouldn't go so far as to say
that you're making me feel a certain way.

I wouldn't dare tell you just what I'm thinking
but I can assure you that it has me reeling.

Has me reeling.

Would you like
to come out?

Take my hand,
walk about?

There's a whole
world out there.

Waiting to be seen.

I want more
out of this.

Someone to
share with.

There is a place that I must go
but I don't want to do it alone.

There is something I really
want you to know.

But I find the right words are
buried in snow.

Buried in snow.....
Buried in Snow Lyrics
In anticipation of the remake of FF7 coming out, I bought a wonderful mix soundtrack called Materia: Final Fantasy VII Remixed, and it's FANTASTIC! Without a doubt my favorite track on there is Buried in Snow by the Videri String Quartet. As always when I melt the hell out of my replay button, I don't typically have any intention of writing a song, but of course my brain just isn't wired that way. I dearly wish I could link you to the track but it appears that it isn't on Youtube. So you'll just have to buy the track yourselves. It's completely worth it. I promise. 
  • Listening to: David Bowie
  • Reading: A Dance with Dragons
  • Watching: Judge Judy
  • Playing: Pikmin 3
Whew, where DOES the time go? I know the top of my screen says 9 years, but I had been browsing the site a full year before I signed up for an account. So I think now is a good time to address my 10 years on this website. For a place that I don't do too much on anymore I do still visit frequently and see who has liked and commented on my previous work. It's funny how the real talents who have only been on this website for a year or so have exponentially more views and comments than I do. But that's okay. I didn't come here for the fame, just a little exposure is all. As you can tell, I do still upload lyrics from time to time. I have also uploaded some things on youtube, but I felt a little sad when BrentalFloss came around he's a million times better than me, not to mention he can actually play instruments and write his own music. I feel that now I would just be compared to him and I don't want to deal with that. But I'll continue to write for the love of doing so. 

Much of my adolescent life has been recorded on this website from my naivety, my angst (haha), my cynicism, and my failed and gained loves, and my crazy obsession with Sailor Moon that lasted an unhealthy 3 years. It will now probably come back because of the reboot too. DA has been that friend I see often but don't speak to, but is always there should I want to. I'm very happy for the things that it has brought to me. And I'm also happy that many of you have stomached through my terrible drawings and my terribly immature journal posts from days long since past. DA and I have grown so much over the years and, unlike Newgrounds (which I also celebrated my 10 years on last month), we both still have a love for uncensored products of the mind, thought provoking conversations, and an insatiable appetite for creative freedom.  

It has been a wonderful 10 years. And I plan on being for the next 10 years, and all the time after that. 

Thank you,


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm Rebecca. I've been writing lyrics since I was six. Anything else? Just ask.


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